gold member guide

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Being a Gold member gives you some perks. I want to talk about a few.
  • 25% increase to all experience earned. (Stacks with other bonuses)
The 25% exp stacks with the bonus you get if you selected a roleplaying class. That means you would get 50% more points than the average player.
  • 200 free Credits each month for use in the shop or just to sell.
I sold 100 credits for about $90,000 and bought a large security box that lets me keep $5000 of the cash I have when I die.

  • Greatly improved looting chances.
I can say it does greatly increase the chance to actually find an item (cash, ammo, chainsaws, etc.) and increases the amount of money and ammo you find at one time considerably. I.E. Instead of finding $1000 you find $4000.
  • Try (and test) new features before their official releases.
The Gambling Den has three card monte. You can bet and lose your money. I won $5,000 and decided to keep my money. It's hard to follow the card and pick correctly.
Gambling Den video